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Madison Metropolitan School District

Traffic Plan


If You Ride the Bus to School...

  • Wait for the bus on the sidewalk and stay out of the street.

  • Enter the bus in a single file.

  • Never reach under the bus to get something, ask the driver for help.

  • Cross the street at least 10 feet in front of the bus after getting an “ok” sign from the bus driver.

If You Walk to School...

  • Always use the crosswalks and crossing guards to cross streets.

  • Do not cross in the middle of the street.

  • Always use sidewalks when available.

  • Crossing guards and/or Safety Patrols are located at:

    • Regent and Spooner

    • Regent and Roby

    • Roby and Chadbourne

    • Chadbourne and Spooner

If You Bike or Scooter to School...

  • Please wear a bike helmet.

  • It is very important that you walk your bike on school property and stay on the sidewalks.

  • Parents/guardians of third graders must bike with their children.

  • Please lock your bike during the school day.

  • These guidelines were created by the Randall School staff and parents, City of Madison Police, Traffic Engineering and Public Health departments, Madison Area Safe Kids Coalition, the Safe Community Coalition and the Bicycle Federation.

  • Scooters must be folded and stored in student’s locker.

If You Drive to School...

  • You are encouraged to drop your child off on N. Roby and your child will enter the school through the playground.

  • If you drop off on Chadbourne, pull up against the curb, let your child out on curbside and have child walk to crosswalk to cross street.

  • You may park on Chadbourne, west of Roby, and have your child cross with safety patrol at Roby and Chadbourne.

Please observe all street signs and all traffic, parking and pedestrian laws. The Madison Police will ticket anyone who breaks these laws while dropping off or picking up their child.

Please remember: Randall is an urban school with few parking possibilities. On-street parking is available and marked by the city.
If you have unusual circumstances or require ADA accommodations to access school, please call the office for help.

Traffic Safety Map - Described on page